4. Forecastand Optimize advanced

Advanced Vessel Motion Forecasting

MO4 Pro is an onboard decision support application that is used to optimise and plan offshore operations and manage weather risk for up to seven days in advance. Weather risk for a specific vessel, location and operation is conveniently displayed as simple statistics in accessible overviews. A suite of operation specific modules ensures easy and intuitive use and offers only relevant output for a specific operation.

Smarter decisions can be made after accurate risk assesment. Creating decision making that is more cost efficient. Choices such as changing heading, sailing out a few hours earlier or later, or staying in harbour can be made based on clear and accurate information. With MO4 Pro data is transformed into time, cost and life saving insights.


  1. Less delays during critical weather
  2. Increase safety of crew and equipment
  3. Accurate forecasting to lower risks
  4. Maximise information from your sensors
  5. Increase your overall operational efficiency
  6. Reduce emissions and fuel consumption
  7. Easy, user friendly system
  8. Provide clarity and transparency for crew and stakeholders
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