In these information driven times,
advanced data analytics are a necessity to survive.


We are MO4
Smarter and faster offshore operations

The offshore industry is, more than any other industry,
depending on the circumstances of water, weather and waves.

Water, weather and waves – The offshore industry depends on their knowledge of the elements. The more you know, the better you can predict the circumstances. The faster, safer and cheaper you can get the job done. MO4 improves the quality and analysis of your data to significantly enhance performance.


The benefits of MO4

  1. Easier, user-friendly, operational planning
  2. Less delays during critical weather
  3. Save time, save money
  4. Improve your people, cargo and fleet safety
  5. Lower your environmental impact
  6. Easy implementation
  7. For a low cost investment

Straight-Forward and Reliable

We make super smart software that delivers valuable insights for offshore operations.

As a Dutch crew we’re eager to solve water related problems. It’s what we love to do: making offshore operations more efficient, easier and safer, while playing our role in a sustainable society.

“Without data it is just another opinion.”

- Gijs Hulscher
Founder and Technical Director at BMO offshore.


We offer four different products and services. All with one clear objective, making your marine operations more efficient. Basically we achieve this through two things:

  1. Looking backward to learn (MO4 Analytics)
  2. Looking forward to optimize (MO4 Forecasting /-PRO)

Each solution solves a specific problem.

1. Measure and Know basic

Detailed customized consultancy report. Monitor and analyse your operations for better performance and find out how you can improve your operations using smarter digital solutions.

2. Measure and Know advanced

Performance Measuring Service. Continually analyse your fleet and get a daily progress report for instant optimization of vessel performance.

3. Forecastand Optimize

Basic Vessel Motion Forecasting. A clear, easy and smart decision support tool and a first step to minimal delays. Boost your analytics and get increased and smarter information from the available data to optimize your ongoing operations.

4. Forecastand Optimize advanced

Advanced Vessel Motion Forecasting. Know it all, take the lead. Get all the possible information out of your sensors and make critical weather less critical.

MO4 offers a smart software solution that relies on hardware input. Our software is compatible with most industry monitoring equipment. When needed we can also deliver the required sensors.

“MO4 provides a new level of data and digital forecasting.”

- Andrew Duncan
North Star Renewables
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