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Customized consulting service

MO4 Diagnostics is a consultancy service that maps and quantifies the benefits of digitalization for your offshore operations. A vessel is outfitted with various sensors and existing systems are connected to a datalogger. The ship, or fleet, is followed for 6-12 months to obtain sufficient operational knowledge. Important metadata, such as operational logs and weather reports are added to the dataset. The collected data is processed by one of our analysts and a management consultancy report is created specifiing how operations can be improved and how much can be gained through smarter digital solutions.


  1. Recommendations on how to reduce fuel consumption and thus lower your environmental impact
  2. Recommendations on how to reduce delays during critical weather
  3. Recommendations to automate your data flows to streamline processes
  4. Recommendations on how to make your operations safer through daily use of data
  5. Recommendations for logistics improvements
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