3. Forecastand Optimize

Basic Vessel Motion Forecasting

The MO4 Forecasting technology accurately forecasts your vessel operability and advises the best heading. By doing so, we remove the guesswork. More clarity and certainty result in a faster decision-making process and safer operations. You win extra days, thus more money in the pocket.

MO4 Forecasting is a easy-to-use web application that can manage weather risks for up to seven days in advance. Output is conveniently arranged in simple overviews that allow for planning optimisation and faster decision making. Smarter decisions can finally be made once the risks are accurately understood.

Decisions are enabled that can save costs and improve earnings. Choices such as changing heading, sailing out a few hours earlier or staying in harbour can be made based on clear and accurate information. MO4 Forecasting makes planning of offshore operations smarter.


  1. First step to less delays during critical weather
  2. Increase safety of crew and equipment
  3. Increase your overall operational efficiency
  4. Reduce emissions and fuel consumption
  5. Easy-install and user-friendly system
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